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I assume you brought your soda stream with you from overseas? I tried in vain to find one last year. I searched pretty extensively through all the usual outlets, and I'm pretty certain you won't be able to pick up any soda stream components in Zhuhai. It's one of those impossible-to-find niche items that has noone seems to stock or want (on an unrelated note, has anyone ever seen egg cups in a shop in China? I just don't think eating soft-boiled eggs is a Chinese habit). Your best bet is to buy your gas cylinder on taobao. Here is a link to one: To see more results, you can type "soda stream" (in English) into the search box.
I vaguely remember Anchor Beer being pretty prevalent around 7 years ago. I don't remember it being any good - but then again, maybe in my mind I just lumped it in with all the other local rubbish - Tsingdao included. One improvement in recent years is the proliferation of Japanese beer you can pick up in the supermarket - especially Zhuhai-brewed Kirin - as good a dry lager as you can find anywhere in the world.
Cheekygal - While I agree that training centers (in this area) charge > 400 RMB / hr, a freelance teacher will be hard-pressed to charge anything approaching that amount. Most major companies (those with an HR department) will require an invoice, which adds around 25% to the cost borne by the training center. Those which don't require an invoice aren't really in the same league, and won't be able to afford upwards of 300 / hour. Of course, it might just be that I'm a really bad negotiator! And in Pingsha, there may not be so much choice in terms of foreign teachers, so radigast may have some bargaining power. To radigast, I would suggest going in at about 300 / hour (+ travel fees), and be prepared to negotiate downwards a little.
There is not really anything immediately close by. The only restaurant I remember seeing is by the bus terminal (next to the entrance to Antique City). Antique City is located in a rather industrial part of Sanxiang, just off the main highway running north from Zhuhai.
I've found places for 5 mao - look for the stores specializing in copying, printing & scanning, rather than the ones inside photo shops and outside general purpose stores. The one I went to most recently in Zhuhai was at Nanping Jiekou near to the De Yi Supermarket. Just in case you need it, the Chinese for scan is "Sao Miao" or something very similar. However, this being said, I've very rarely had to resort to physically scanning a book. I usually find the electronic version on-line. Judging by your username, I guess you are trying to scan educational books. Have you tried Or googling depositfiles + the name of the book?
Excellent advice Taffy. I'll certainly have to try out some of those places - well at least those within my price range (which excludes Huafa gym!). Could to hear there is finally an alternative in Huafa to the terrible service offered by the Construction Bank. Regarding point 6 - I didn't know her name was Jessica, but yes, she always provides excellent service, and goes out of her way to help people. I hope she get recognition from management for the good work she does.
I have kind of given up on catching the train. About 2 or 3 times, I have had to revert to catching the coach (from Tangjia) after being told that the next train would not be for another 2 hours. I hope they run more trains once the line extends to Zhuhai proper. I guess many Chinese will be booking their tickets online (e.g., which may explain why you see them immediately boarding the train. In my experience, most people do seem to sit in their allocated seat.

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