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We have my wifes grandmother visiting us for during Chinese New Year, and...

Best would be defined as biggest with a good selection of foods, imported...

Newly renovated apartment in Jida, on quiet side street.

Newly renovated apartment in Jida, on quiet side street.

To those in need of buying stuff. Ji Da now also has a Park n Shop. It is in...

What water filter manufacturer are you using ? We're just getting the big jugs of water delivered, tap water is for showering and flushing the toilet.
Taffy, what would the work involve. Is any kind of boots, gloves etc needed ? I would like to volunteer if the date matches the calendar.
The nice people at taobao sent us some yarn. Knitting has begun. @Toby. I do like the idea of harvesting yarn at a bar. Probably the price of some strong drinks would be cheaper than what the cost of yarn is. Get someone drunk and unravel their sweater.
Yup. Taobao is probably the way to go. Although it is one of those products that is nice to touch before buying.
Nope, I don't know of any Macau based companies. But I am presently waiting for a box from Europe, which has been 2 months on the way, the majority of the time in the hands of China Post, which in the past also have mishandled shippings. So my Macau suggestion would be to avoid China Post
Old thread. New info. The Beishan gas recharging place now has a ATM like thing on the wall so adding gas is possible 24/7. It only accepts cards from Zhuhai banks (e.g. a unionpay card) and it has menus in Chinese only. One of these is also being put up by the New Town Phase 5 Service Center, it is not active yet, but they say it should be before Spring Festival
toby. FYI. the phone network is in modern days also a packet switched network like the internet. A FAX may be sending an analogue signal, but as soon as it enters the plug in the wall it is digital. The likelyhood of NSA or the likes reading your fax is the same. Carrier Pidgin is the way to go for absolute security. Note. Using something like Ringcentral the recipient would not be able to tell the difference how you sent it.

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